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The Team at Grace Hill Lodge has had a vision to develop this top of the line breeding and rearing operation for many years and this is supported by over 40 years involvement in our great sport. Past experience includes Club Administration, Regional Representative on the NZGRA Board, Stipendiary Steward, Race-caller and successful Owners / Trainers on both sides of the Tasman.


Our longstanding involvement and interest in the greyhound racing industry has allowed us to identify a real deficiency in the availability of top quality greyhound pups bred and reared in New Zealand which is a niche' we believe needs to be filled in order to not only attract new owners but also provide existing owners and trainers with a continuous supply of quality, untried and affordable pups. In addition they will automatically be eligible to compete in races restricted to greyhounds bred in New Zealand. We consider this to be a much better option financially for owners and trainers compared to importing racing stock from Australia which has become a very expensive exercise.


Racing Greyhound Breeders (NZ) Ltd wants to assure you that all pups will be made available for sale unless injury prevents this and in order to support this commitment the only education any pup will receive at Grace Hill Lodge is to be broken into walking on the lead and basic hand held lure teasing.


We believe that Racing Greyhound Breeders (NZ) Ltd is the first commercial operation of its kind in New Zealand. It is a top quality racing greyhound breeding and rearing operation, managed by people who are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry and totally dedicated to providing exceptionally well-bred greyhound pups to the New Zealand greyhound racing fraternity while constantly ensuring that the health and welfare of all greyhounds in our care is a daily priority which is never compromised and in total accordance with the welfare policies and regulations of Greyhound Racing New Zealand.


Our breeding programme includes only extremely well bred and race performed brood bitches (3) inseminated in New Zealand with the top echelon of Australasian Sires via frozen semen.


Whilst the pups will be available for inspection and purchase from 4 months of age, it is our preference to rear these litters at our property for the first 12 months of their life as part of a total purchase package cost. This will allow Owners and Trainers to focus on their racing activities while leaving the whelping and rearing of quality pups to us.


Our preferred policy of rearing the pups to the age of 12 months or older has already proven to be a very popular concept with all of Grace Hill’s first litter to Magic Sprite having been sold on this basis.


We look forward to meeting and welcoming you as our client.


Good Luck with everything you do in our great sport of Greyhound Racing.


Graeme Bennett

Christopher Muir

Wayne Turner

Directors & Facility Managers



Racing Greyhound Breeders (NZ) Ltd

PO Box 16956


Christchurch, 8441


Phone number: 64 3 329 5777



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